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Basically whatever interests me. This has turned into mostly pretty ladies and puns, but I reblog random/fun/geeky things too. Comics (esp X-men), LOTR, Star Trek, Star Wars, AtLA and LOK, Teen Wolf, Ace Attorney, Eyeshield 21, etc

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Name: Vai

Birthday: Halloween, my Korean age is 20 if you know what that means

Favorite colors: Purple/Teal/Silver

Lucky Numbers: 2 and 121 idk why

Height: 170cm (5’7”)

Talents: Dancing, Skiing, Swimming, I’m ok at drawing and writing??

Last dream you remember: It involved the very cute girl from the convenience store downstairs and a quest to get ice cream, it was weird

Art/sport/both: Art

do you like dancing: I would hope so, been doing it since I was 5…

do you like singing: Eh..I guess? My throat is kinda messed up though so sometimes it hurts

Fantasies: To live somewhere I love (probably South America or Asia) and to do work I enjoy (although given my interests I’ll probably work for some multinational and hope I enjoy it)

Dream vacation: Korea nvm already here, New Zealand!

Dream Guy/Girl: I like someone who is more decisive than me, other than that they have to be nice and considerate?

Dream wedding: Not really interested in marriage but the only thing I’ve ever though of is the flower arrangements because that used to be my hobby. White roses with peacock feathers and ferns!

Dream pet : A snake, ideally a rosy boa because so cute!

Favorite song: Idk, anything by Gregoire or Lim Kim is pretty high up there

last favorite song: I don’t listen to music I don’t like..

least favorite album: Same as above

least favorite artist: Ditto, be positive!


Guys/girls/both: Both, focusing more on guys atm because Korea

Eye color: Grey is nice, but I really don’t care tbh

Hair color: I usually prefer dark, but sometimes dyed blonde calls to me

Humorous/serious: Def Humourous

Taller/shorter: No preference, but if taller, tall enough to comfortably put their arms over my shoulders

Biggest turn off: Smoking, being too bold or not caring about my feelings

Turn on: Nice smiles, I kinda prefer delicate hands on guys or girls

Thank you for tagging! I haven’t even been on in a long time haha

I’m tagging:

Anyone who sees it and wants to? I don’t even know who else is active now because I most certainly am not

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Papers for Characters

Spanish design studio Atipo has created a collection of minimalistic movie posters that are made from paper. 


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I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

They said “Thank you.”

I said “Don’t mention it.”

Is there a joke here that 15 thousand people get but I don’t?

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Zuhair Murad Fall 2014 Haute Couture


Zuhair Murad Fall 2014 Haute Couture

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Elie Saab Fall 2014 Haute Couture


Elie Saab Fall 2014 Haute Couture

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this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

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ELIE SAAB Paris Fashion Week 2014 - Part 1

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She’ll be a green lantern if I wish for it hard enough for it.

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Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu

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wakey wakey eggs and bakey

but I’m a vegan

wakey wakey vegetables

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